Can you be an Introvert and a CEO who drives growth?

Well, yes, actually you can. In my research for my upcoming book, The Introvert CEO, I found just that.

For example, one quietly brilliant CEO, instead of picturing himself as a knight on a charger riding to the rescue of an ailing company, described himself as a good follower: following the needs of the clients, employees and Board.  Within two years of his arrival, his failing organization was a Fortune 500 company.

Another expressed gratitude for all the opportunities that he had encountered in his life, opportunities that he now tries to offer to his own employees. Under his leadership, his company is thriving.

When asked to describe how he got to his leadership role, another CEO of a successful company said simply, “I was invited.” At every step of the way, he received an invitation to move ahead. It apparently never occurred to him to fight his way to leadership. He didn’t think of it as a competition. He saw his task as that of an intense problem-solver.

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