Meet the team

Lynette Crane, CEO

Lynette is a Minneapolis-based internationally acclaimed Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive Mentor, Author*, and Founder of Quiet Brilliance Consulting LLC.

Trained in psychology, she has more than 40 years’ experience in her field. She is one of the top authorities on introversion in the workplace, helping smart organizations maximize the potential of these quietly brilliant people who generate revenue for the company, unlock innovation, and expand leadership.

As a thought leader, she was a pioneer in the field of stress management, helping to transform workplace stress from a fringe topic to a challenge recognized as impacting companies globally. After her creation of a course based on her book,The Psychology of Stress: From Distress to Eustress, a cutting-edge topic in 1978, she was asked in 1982 to present an 18-week program on stress management for employees of Pacific Bell Telephone Company in San Francisco undergoing the massive break-up of Ma Bell during divestiture. This led to her incorporating in-depth stress management techniques into all of her coaching and programs.

As a specialist on Subject Matter Experts (who are frequently introverts), her ability to think outside the box has led her to focus on the 50% of the population who are frequently left out of decision-making and leadership positions in our fast-paced business climate. Quiet Brilliance Consulting helps shrewd, forward-looking companies who are looking everywhere for leadership and innovation recognize the treasure they may already have within their workforce, turbocharge collaboration, and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive market.


She is currently focusing her company on helping organizations reeling from the COVID 19 pandemic to re-balance, re-energize, and re-launch.


*Publications include:

The Psychology of Stress: From Distress to Eustress (1978) (1992) (1996)
The Confident Introvert (2014)
Quiet Brilliance: Solving Corporate America’s Leadership Crisis with ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ Talent (2018)

Co-author of a chapter on “Integrative Nursing and Stress Management”  in  Integrative Nursing,  a textbook for nurses, part of the Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine Library, published by Oxford University Press (2014)

Author of a chapter in Awaken Your Page Potential, a book on the behavior and attitudes of healthy aging beyond stereotypes, socialization, and fear, by visionary gerontologist Lori Campbell. (2013)

Scott Lucado, Associate

Scott is an Executive Coach, Corporate Consultant, and Expert in Training & Organizational Development.

Mr. Lucado  specializes in identifying and helping organizations overcome “corporate barriers”: the technical, organizational, and leadership areas that cause self-inflicted wounds. These vulnerabilities are most apparent to a master such as Scott with his over three decades of experience.

He has a distinguished career with such corporate icons as Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, American Airlines, SABRE, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Proctor & Gamble, Rush-Presbyterian St Luke’s Medical Center, and others. His portfolio of success includes:

Developing systems that promote efficacy and retention, reduce turnover, and reduce required training time, in areas as diverse as Airbus pilot training, medical student virology education, combat infantryman weapons training, and manufacturing error reduction.

Recognizing that there are only four reasons companies spend money (cost reduction, revenue enhancement, compliance, and competitive pressure), he aids companies in sharpening their focus by asking two basic questions:

1.     What business problem are you looking to solve? and

2.     How will you know when you’ve solved it?

This is the launching pad for further exploration and implementation.