Who We Serve

Smart executives/leaders who:

  • Are fully aware of the ongoing and future/potential costs of the COVID19 stress crisis.
  • Want to guide their organizations through the COVID19 crisis from recovery through to growth and vision.
  • Realize they must cope with their own stress while at the same time guiding employees to be productive and innovative.
  • Recognize that the survival of their bottom line and their brand is dependent on their people’s physical and emotional well-being.


We bring about change by:

  • Discovering through conversations with key people and surveys of your employees what are your company’s unique challenges – and strengths.
  • Delivering cost-effective, time-sensitive web-based training programs that are minimally disruptive to your workflow. (We do in-person programs too when the time is right.
  • Providing training that avoids employee stress by designing programs in short sprints that easily fit with the employees’ workload and make the point quickly, giving time to assimilate it before adding the next point.
  • Supporting continuous improvement at the end of each program with regularly-scheduled “snack” offerings: short, focused reminders and recaps delivered virtually.


Executive Coaching
Strategy Sessions
Needs Analysis

Keynotes and Short Training include:

  • How Do I Stay Resilient on a Roller Coaster? Stress Management during a time of the pandemic, climate change, and social turmoil.
  • Why Are You Running When There’s No Fire? Addressing “emergencies” while avoiding wellness-threatening  “urgency”.
  • Hidden Leadership Talent: Solving Corporate America’s Leadership Crisis by Expanding Its Leadership Model.
  • Help! What Do I Say to a Stranger? Social and networking skills for SMEs.