The frequency of love? Did you know that love can be measured? Yes, it has. It has been measured at 0.1 Hz and it is being broadcast right now by you – or not.

Maybe you’re looking for love in the wrong places.

First, you need to understand that the heart and the brain together produce an electromagnetic field that extends beyond the body. How far? No one knows for sure. Initial measurements indicated that it extended in a kind of bubble all around the body, about 3 feet from the body. Then it was revealed that that was the limit of the measuring device, but not of the electromagnetic field itself.  

Now experiments are underway to determine the extent of that individual electromagnetic field, especially between people who have had physical proximity in the past but are now separated. Yup, they still connect. In fact, it is now believed that those individual broadcasts connect with the Field of All Things, i.e., the Matrix, otherwise known as the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Who knows who or what you could connect to by broadcasting love?

Unfortunately, we often broadcast other frequencies besides those of love. We receive broadcasts, too. In the social chaos that we are currently experiencing, we are all being bathed in fear, anger, frustration and more. It’s a little like living next to someone who has giant speakers and a taste in music that is distinctly different from what you want in order to feel good.

What control do you have over all this broadcasting? Quite a bit, actually. The way to start exerting that control is to become aware of what you are broadcasting and then change it. Yes, change it consciously, rather than waiting for circumstances around you to adjust so that you feel loved or loving. In fact, you are the circumstances – you create the circumstances.

This is an incredibly simple technique developed by HeartMath™ Institute, an organization that has spent 30 years investigating the power of the heart-brain connection.

You start by focusing on your heart, breathing in and out of your heart slowly, then breathing in a positive, or regenerative emotion.

Summon appreciation, gratitude and love into your heart by focusing on those experiences in your life, whether it is a loved one, a joyous activity, or a pet, or more. If you find that difficult, nevertheless make a sincere attempt to capture that feeling in your heart.

In doing so, your body is releasing dopamine, the chemical that makes you feel good, and oxytocin, the love hormone. You have not only just created feelings of love in yourself, but you are broadcasting it to others. Who knows what changes you will see in your life as a result of this simple, life-affirming act?

The more you practice, the better and better you get. So tune in to the frequency of love frequently; you’ll notice the world around you may get better, too.

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Lynette Crane is a speaker, coach, trainer, and author who specializes in resilience training and heart-brain connections. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California and a life coach certification from Coach Training Alliance, and is a certified trainer and coach/mentor with HeartMath
™ Institute.