Sunday Connections:

An upcoming ongoing weekly forum for exploring the mysteries of human-to-human relationships within ourselves, with those around us, and with those we have yet to meet.
Join me for a virtual exploration of what the cutting edge sciences of neuropsychology and quantum physics have to offer us in terms of fulfilling one of our deepest needs: belongingness.

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The Art of Connectivity: Help – What do I say to a stranger?

A one-hour talk on what we must do to turn strangers into important connections
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Belonging Beyond Technology: Human Communication and Connection

What used to be called “networking”: meeting and connecting with other people was already becoming a problem as technological advances changed where and how we met, and how we communicated with one another. Many literally lost the abilities to establish authentic relationships.

The isolation of the pandemic only added to the problem.
At the same time, anger and aggression have escalated to alarming degrees.

This three-hour workshop will provide participants with the basic skills to enter new situations as a stranger, relate to other people with comfort, and increase their pool of significant contacts, whether work -related or personal associations.

Virtual online course for individuals will be offered quarterly.

For organizations:
This course is great for giving your employees the skills to reach out to each other, form solid teams, initiate relationships with supporting departments within your organization, and communicate better with clients and potential clients.

Evolutionary Resilience Roadmap: Beyond stress management and wellness programs

Resilience is the ability to respond to disruptions and disturbances by not only adapting but also by continuing to create and initiate new solutions.
This eight-session course will include breathtaking new techniques that will transform lives.

For individual enrollment or for organizations