Unlock the Hidden Value of the Unsung Heroes in your Company!

Unlock the Hidden Value of the Unsung Heroes in your Company!

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Lynette CranePresident, Quiet Brilliance Consulting LLC

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“… a highly skilled trainer. She is knowledgeable, practical, and inspiring.”

BRIDGET GOTHBERG, Director, Organizational Development, City of St. Louis Park, MN

“Focused. Practical. Insightful. Highly recommended. My time was well spent because – unlike countless other similar workshops – I left with practical insights.”

GONZALO MARTINEZ, Partner & Vice-Chair of Appellate Practice Group, Carroll, Burdick & McDonough LLP

“You MOVED the crowd to emotional ups and to a moment of reflection. Bravo and well done.

SUSAN A. FINK, Vice President, External Relations, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

“As a speaker, she’s super! Packed with personal stories that resonate with everyone, and she offers excellent strategies for success. Her content is amazing.”


“…presented with a high level of expertise and engaging wit. This was one of our most well-received HR-related sessions in our almost 30-year history.”

SHELLY CHAMBERLIN, Director of Operations and Human Resources at Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

“To be quite honest, I was blown away by your session. … your time slot was not ideal. ..I have never ever seen anyone fill up that time slot, let alone have such an engaged group. Everyone I know who attended this session had positive things to say”

CHRISTINA ZEISE, Executive Director, Minnesota Social Services Administration

Companies Impacted By My Training


The Quiet Majority: Women, Introversion, and the Double Whammy Effect

Just as women had to learn who they really were, what their rights were, and how to go about getting them, introverts do, too. Astonishingly enough, just as women are a slight majority, introverts too constitute as much as 51% of the U.S. population. Yet we are perceived as a minority – quiet and often…

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Having Your Culture Fit Cake and Eating It Too: The Great Culture Fit Paradox

How do we resolve the clash between the need for “culture fit” and “diversity pays?” Companies search hopefully for new hires that fit their culture; an employee who doesn’t fit the organizational culture is more difficult to retain and produces strain on teams, ultimately costing the company money in terms of lost productivity and cost…

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Can you be an Introvert and a CEO who drives growth?

Well, yes, actually you can. In my research for my upcoming book, The Introvert CEO, I found just that. For example, one quietly brilliant CEO, instead of picturing himself as a knight on a charger riding to the rescue of an ailing company, described himself as a good follower: following the needs of the clients,…

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Is Introversion Main Stream at Last?

  The topic of introversion has now entered the mainstream. How can I tell? This topic, which I have championed for so many years (full disclosure: I am an introvert), has now appeared in one of my favorite comic strips, and I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. In the Dilbert strip of…

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Networking Is A Life Skill

I hear it over and over again: “I can’t network. I’m an introvert.” “I don’t know what to say.” “I don’t want to brag.” A lot of people don’t like networking, but the bulk of them seem to be introverts. I’m an introvert, too, and I’m also an entrepreneur, having to teach myself along the…

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Social Confidence and “Extrovert Skills”

“I used my extrovert skills.” “I had to learn some extrovert skills.” “Oh, well, I don’t have extrovert skills.” I hear these phrases all the time – and they drive me crazy. When did the ability to be socially graceful or to display good manners become the sole province of one group of people, one…

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Business Coaching and Introverts

When you hire a business coach and develop a program or product, the first marketing instructions you get will probably be something like this: “Contact your friends, send them a warm letter, offer them your services or product, and ask them if they know people who would be interested.” Bingo! You’re on your way with…

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Holding on to your identity during a transition?

  Maybe you shouldn’t be.  Transitions – in life or in career – are tough. One of the hardest parts is the seeming attack on your identity when you no longer fill a given role, a role you may have played for years, even decades. People who have had to change careers for physical or…

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